Bali Flores Wisata is a tour agency with a professional human resources in their fields, offering tourism activities on the island of Bali and the island of Flores. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing in Bali Flores Wisata, with that, we always provide the best service for our customers or prospective customers.


Beautiful Destination

We are deeply proud to show you the most beautiful and pristine Island of Indonesia (Bali, Flores, Komodo).

Value For Money

As a local tour organizer, we are very able to offer you a quality of service based on competitive price. Please feel free to contact us.

Professional and Experienced team

We work by our heart & We do not want to let our client down. We provide you guides speak in different language and they are registered in the Indonesia Tourist Guide Association (HPI).

Responsible & Sustainable Tourism

Educational Holiday, Maintaining Environment, benefit to local community as host.


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